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Industry Solutions

G-Med is connecting the industry to our global physicians' community.


Over 1.5 million registered physicians on our platform


Physicians from 160+ countries across 100+ specialties


Log-in only platform


All of our physicians are verified and IQVIA authenticated


Varied solutions, including native, in-feed formats

Partners & Testimonials

G-Med is proud to collaborate with leading agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

Subway advertisement for a medical conference, reflecting G-Med's outreach in healthcare events.

Promotion Opportunities 

High-impact awareness campaigns - both above-market and local - with a global reach that is laser-targeted by physicians' specialty and location. Solutions include banner ads, HTML email marketing, G-Med newsletter visibility, direct messages to physicians, targeted social network marketing (SNM) and much more.

"Doctor reviewing brain scans on monitors, showcasing the medical expertise within the G-Med community.

Physician Engagement

Provide KOL Medical Education Programs (at Arm’s Length or Direct). MedEd solutions include independent peer-to-peer discussion arenas through the use of microsites, interactive video recorded webinar workshops, client sponsored content, 24/7 exclusive roundtables and more

Smartphone showing G-Med, 'The Largest Online Global Physicians Community', with earbuds, plant, and iced coffee on desk.

Leave Us a Message

Interface of a medical travel app, demonstrating G-Med's digital solutions for healthcare professionals.

Insights & Social Listening

Gain physician-driven insights that are global, organic and robust through a myriad of tools including social listening and medical crowdsourcing.

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