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G-Med is the largest global Physicians-Only community, reaching over 1.5 million verified physicians from more than 160 countries and 100+ specialties.


Our platform enables physicians from all over the world to talk real-world medicine, collaborate to solve patient cases as well as earn honorarium from surveys and market research.  

G-Med collects Real-World Data in order to enhance the clinical decision support systems (CDSS). Physicians on G-Med collaborate using text, pictures, images, scans, diagrams or videos to connect on a daily basis with local as well as global KOL’s, participate in online medical educational activities, use peer-to-peer consultations to solve clinical dilemmas, watch live and on-demand video presentations and get specialty publications updates. Our collaboration platform allows physicians to post a clinical dilemma and get answers from verified physicians in their relevant specialty by harnessing the power of the global medical community to shorten diagnostic times and improve health care. 

G-Med is the first and only global physicians’ community to integrate real-time live video technology to enhance collaboration between members. The fact is that over 80% of the clinical dilemmas presented to the community are responded to in under 72 hours. That proprietary, one-of-a-kind synchronized solution is seamlessly integrated into our asynchronized community by allowing physicians to share clinical cases, gain insight from community members and then further continue the discussion via live video/chat with one or more of the physicians that engaged in their post.

G-Med’s business solutions for the industry offer a unique digital bridge to connect life science companies and healthcare partners in order to create deep educational programs and drive physician awareness to brands and diseases, in addition to gaining unfiltered insight about brand perception and other market trends. G-Med is the only true global physician’s community that enables the global life science industry practical and efficient physicians’ engagement solutions that are community- based for their daily challenges that were previously not available. 

At G-Med, we are highly aware of the importance of the privacy of our community members, their clients, and researches and therefore complies with all relevant international privacy laws. G-Med fits its services and site to the most updated regulations, including HIPAA, the EU regulations (GDPR), the UK Data Protection Act, and the International Safe Harbor Privacy Principles.

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