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Global, Organic, Robust

G-Med connects the industry to the global physicians' community.

*Physician education *Raising product awareness *Pre-launch information *Product differentiation 

*Social Listening  *Market Insights






Over 1 million physicians globally (50% in the US)

Geotargeting :120+ countries Specialties : 100+ 

Community-based solutions deliver high quality projects

Physicians influence physicians through peer-to-peer discussions

Verified & Authenticated Physicians only

Partners & Testimonials

“ Working with G-Med's community was a significant tool in my multichannel strategy by enabling a coordinated and efficient connection between the field sales activities and the digital marketing activity. “
“Thanks to the platform, we have succeeded in producing a refreshing scientific interaction with our KOLs.”

First Line Manager, Novartis  

“ Working with the platform have enhanced our capability to make scientific information more accessible to physicians and more relevant to their daily practice and challenges."

Brand & Customer Manager, MSD 

Insights & Social Listening

Gain community-driven insights
Organic, High Quality, Global, Robust.
Solutions include social listening, surveys recruitment, online focus group discussion, and more.

Physician Engagement

Provide online education programs (MedED)
Led by KOLs at arm's length or directly
Solutions include independent peer-to-peer discussion arenas (microsites), interactive video recorded webinar workshops, sponsored content and more.


High impact awareness campaigns.
Global reach. Geotargeted & Specialty targeted
Solutions include banner ads, email marketing, newsletters, private interactive chats with physicians, targeted social network marketing (SNM), and more.