Pharma Marketing- New Ways to Deliver Medical Content

December 9, 2018

Accessing medical information has changed over the years. The traditional ways are face-to-face interactions with pharmaceutical personnel, or often a letter sent via email. However, physicians' access to medical information these days is mostly using the internet.


A recent study revealed the opportunities and challenges in the use of digital technologies in discussing medical content with HCPs. This study also identified how healthcare industries engage with HCPs remotely. 


According to the study, 80% of the respondents said that they engaged with HCPs through emails and phone calls and did not have any dedicated platform to engage remotely.


The study also describes the physicians' expectations from the pharma industry:

  • Quick turnaround in answering their questions

  • Credible, unbiased, and non-promotional information

  • Broad in-depth knowledge of the person answering the questions

Healthcare companies are therefore under tremendous pressure to provide credible, unbiased, reliable, and high-quality medical information, preferably presented  by global KOLs, about diseases and treatments and, most importantly, make them available on a digital peer-to-peer discussion platform whenever and wherever the customer requires.



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