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G-Med Exclusive: "Medical Conference Insights" Predicting the Future of Medical Conferences 

January 19, 2022


"Where does G-Med stands within the HCP walled garden space?"

January 10th, 2022

G-Med in the Media

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Virtual, Hybrid or Physical: Real-world Insights on the Future of Medical Conferences

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Medical crowdsourcing: What are Physicians communicating during COVID-19?

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G-Med, An International Social Platform for Physicians: Interview with CEO Ilan Ben Ezri


First global social network for doctors


Webinar with Sisense and AWS: Fighting COVID-19 using Machine Learning and Augmented Analytics

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G-Med Launches its New, Groundbreaking Platform

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Understanding Physician Networks: An Interview with G-Med


G-Med's physicians insights survey: 71% of physicians prefer surgery in a public hospital


G-Med, Amazon and Sisense:       collaborating to create AI-Enhanced knowledge base to Combat COVID-19

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G-Med, the World's Largest Online Global Physicians Community, Reaches 1 Million Members 

The global neuroendocrine tumour communi

Will global HCPs’ networks become communities of choice for rare-disease specialists?

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Please meet - a social network for doctors only