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Jobs Offers - Physicians Recruitment

Background: One of G-Med’s main advantages is the direct access to physicians all over the world. This advantage was used in this case to recruit physicians to an Online Clinic Service, allowing Physicians in different specialties from different places to manage a private clinic online, using remote video technology. Physicians could see the patient, assess and advise while using images, Lab results files, and HD video.

The Challange: Recruiting physicians in different countries, different languages and different specialties that are willing to participate in a disruptive global project.


Target specialties: All

Project Description: In this project we used the G-Med platform to access physicians directly with a specific offer, asking them to complete an application form to make sure they are suitable to join the project team. Each physician who completed the form was contacted by G-Med for an initial interview to assure compatibility to the project demands.


G-Med succeeded to recruit more than 1,000 Physicians in target locations in different specialties and exceeded project demands.

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