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Join an exclusive COVID-19 group,

with the active participation of physicians from 160 countries and 130 specialties. 

Over 8,000 updates and items have already been posted.

COVID-19 is global and global knowledge-sharing is needed more than ever. G-Med, the world’s only and true global physician-only community, offers a platform for sharing information and posing questions to colleagues.

The continuing and daily discussions range from medication and treatment efficacy, case’s progress, epidemiological and statistical data, to hospital practices and governmental decisions midst the fight against the novel coronavirus.

More than ever, G-Med’s continuous effort to enhance clinical decision using physicians real-world practice are necessary to bringing physicians together for solving the coronavirus crisis. 

Enter G-Med, for your experience and insights matter and can save lives by sharing it with others.


G-Med and Ipsos are working together to bring the voice of Physicians from around the world to you through social data analytics and medical crowdsourcing (problem-solving through sharing online).

The data analyzed for this short report comes from organic, unprompted and authentic posts from physicians across the globe. physicians are using closed communities to share case examples, get advice and share experiences.

G-Med and Ipsos: Bringing you a regular pulse on what physicians around the globe are discussing about COVID-19.

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Taking COVID19 big data analytics to the next level. G-Med is presenting its AI-Powered Dashboard that enhances our capability to support clinical decisions during this global crisis.


G-Med has created, together with Sisense, a one-of-a-kind, interactive, multilayer, global insights dashboard.

This dashboard is based on NLP and machine learning analysis of the Robust, Global and Organic COVID-19 peer-to-peer-discussions on G-Med, providing new and deeper knowledge dimensions.


That big data analysis allows medical teams, institutes and governments to gain knowledge quickly and implement it according to their needs.