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G-Med Physicians Community is a global online medical & social community for physicians only.


Our Health 2.0 medical platform allows physicians from around the world to stay connected in real time via Live video and posts.


True medical crowdsourcing is enabled by peer-to-peer consultation of thousands of physicians worldwide. 


Physicians collaborate, share, comment on clinical cases and stay updated with the latest specialty publications.


Our community members benefit from getting their own Live Video Clinic and Online scheduling page to enhance their private practice .

The place for physicians

Get a worldwide 


Post & share your medical achievements and insights with the international medical community. Actively participate in expert panels and medical hubs.

Make a Difference


Global Medical Crowdsourcing makes better medicine.

Post a case and get a second opinion in real time via comment or Live Video.

Enhance Income

Get own Online Live Video Clinic and provide medical consultations at your most convenient time for individuals and organizations.

Best medical decisions enabled by innovative

crowdsourcing technology



5,000 Users

Global medical community launched


40 countries


First Live Video Medical Community

20,000 Users


Local medical community launched

10,000 Users


65 countries


Collaborate with colleagues in real time via Live Video 

One Click Live Video technology ( No software download)  allowing you to connect worldwide.

Meeting room with :

  • Shared documents, imaging and lab results

  • Shared white board for sketching and presentations

  • Meeting summary

  • Supported on all devises

Video connected global community

Post a challenging case and get real time insights

The power of Health 2.0 technology makes crowdsourcing easier than ever.

Present a case to the global medical community using text, imaging and short videos.

Add poll questions to get more insights.

Get thousands of physicians to engage and collaborate.

Build your referrals and influence cycles

Your own mini network of followers for faster engagement and referrals

Enhance Your Income

Get your own Online Live Video Clinic and provide medical consultations at your most convenient time for individuals and organizations using your expertise and community insights

See a patient over secure video chat

anytime, anywhere.


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