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A bridge that creates a true impact

G-Med connects the industry to the global physicians' community

Physician Education* Raising product awareness* Pre-launch information *Product differentiation * Demand for new brands

Why does the Healthcare Industry work with G-MED?






850,000 physicians globally (50% in the US)

Geotargeting :120+ countries Specialties : 100+ 

Community-based solutions deliver high quality projects

Physicians influence physicians through peer-to-peer discussions

Verified & Authenticated Physicians only

  Enhancing clinical decision support systems

by being the largest global knowledge base of physicians' real-world practice using medical crowdsourcing models

Global Medical Crowdsourcing

For the best clinical decisions

Physicians on G-Med are using our global platform daily to talk real-world medicine, collaborate together to solve patient cases and participate in online educational activities.

Take a step into the future of clinical collaboration and explore the power of the global medical community in shortening the diagnostic time and improve health care.