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Bespoke Emailer Campaign – Webinar Recruitment

Background: One of G-Med’s advantages is the direct access to physicians from all over the world. As part of a multi-channel Osteoarthritis awareness campaign for one of our pharma clients, the G-Med platform was consulted with to drive traffic to an upcoming live webinar series by a leading rheumatologists KOL. G-Med was consulted due to its wide range of physicians, with the ability to send targeted Bespoke email based on the physician’s location and unique specialty.

The Challenge: Be a strong traffic driver to an external landing page and to inform physicians from all over the world about the innovative webinar series.


Target specialties: US Orthopedic Physicians & EU 5 Rheumatologists

Project Description: G-Med's Bespoke Emailer technology was used in this campaign. This meant that in terms of aesthetics of the emailer, the clients creative were able to get an innovative as needed, due to it being given to the G-Med Delivery Team as a completed HTML file. Additionally, since the email was being sent from the G-Med servers, a trusted source, our emails have an above industry standard open and click rate. Lastly, using the G-Med emailer system, we were able to take advantage of our A/B testing technology on the title of the email, ensuring a high open rate.


Three separate email were sent out for the 3 parts of the series. Each emailer received a direct email open rate above 23%, with one of last of the emails receiving a 26% direct email open rate. The combined CTOR rate (click through open rate) was 15.1%

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