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Case Study - UEG Mini Community

Background: Pharma companies are continuously looking for new efficient channels to showcase their up-to-date congress content on a global level. In a post Covid-19 era, where attendance at physical conferences is declining, more and more physicians prefer to attend conferences online. At G-Med, physicians benefit from online global networking that can provide similar benefits to the networking in the physical conferencing.

The Challenge: Allowing physicians from all over the world to attend the conference virtually and get real-time, high-quality updates as well as on-demand content, all while keeping quick compliant content approval

Target specialties: Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine

Project DescriptionG-Med's provided in-depth reporting, interviews and videos throughout the conference. Multiple clinical items were created including KOL video interviews, articles, video expert panels, posters reviews and more. Since this conference was funded via an educational grant (at arms-length), the G-Med team created all the content in-house. This meant that there was no need for content from the clients end as well as no need for client's content approval (MLR). These two factors resulted in a very quick distribution of the created content. An additional feature on EUG mini-community was congress highlights. The congress highlights enjoyed superb organic traffic, offering additional visibility to our conference sponsors. The client also included a promotion package that included personal emailers and exclusive on-site ads since only our mini community partners can place an ad next to one of our mini-community highlights.



Physicians from 23 countries spend a total of over 45,000 minutes in the UEG conference mini-community on G-Med. The client content exposure on G-Med was increased 1.8X during the coverage period and engagement increased 1.45X

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