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Telecare – Improving Access to Medical Care in Developing Countries

Background: Medical care in developing countries is hard to reach. Sometimes, the nearest doctor can reside miles away. Moreover, the waiting period to see a doctor can be months long, as there are very few doctors to treat thousands of patients. A global pharma company tasked G-Med to develop and provide a full telecare system (App and Web) that will allow patients from 3rd world countries access to physicians from all over the world. The company's goal was to improve healthcare in developing countries as part of its "beyond the pill" global strategy.

The Challange: Allow easy to use Telecare System, both in App and Kiosk interface (no software download ) to work also in narrowband connectivity.

Project Description: The Telecare project was specified and developed in-house, and focused on ease of access and use. The system will be available as an app on every smartphone, as well as a web solution at stations in pharmacies (Kiosk) in developing countries. Thus, a patient can go to the nearest pharmacy, get diagnosed, and treated, easily and quickly.


A full white label system that included both App and Telecare Kiosk solutions was successfully launched and deployed.