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Banner Ad Campaign to Targeted Rheumatologists

Objective: To reach physicians in a niche specialty in a singular country on a robust platform. As physicians on G-Med talk about topics relating to their profession from ethical dilemmas, to challenging clinical cases, through treatment options and recommendations for medications, the German media buying team felt comfortable reaching out to G-Med to deliver the campaign. As the available assets were multiple sized banner ads, the client requested multiple placements on the social media type feeds of their targeted physicians. Lastly, due to the specific nature of the campaign, it was important for there to be quick turnaround from the time of the sending of the assets, until the campaign went live.    


Target specialties: Rheumatologists in Germany Only


Project Description: The banner campaign went live in under 72 hours after receiving the assets. This was ensured by a fast set up and deployment by the G-Med delivery team. As the clients’ banners had multiple banner sizes, the delivery team was able to maximize its banner impact by combining a huge mix of standard banner ads, as well as G-Med’s unique “in-feed” ads flowing directly in the targeted social media type feeds of German rheumatologists. Since G-Med is able to utilize standard banner ad sizes in a specialty specific "social media type" scrolling feed, they were able to utilize existing creatives, as was no need to for there to be special creatives made for G-Med.


The high-impact fast delivery banner campaign promoted awareness, as well as was a big traffic driver, with an overall CTR of 0.16%. Additionally, GMed was able to ensure a 67% SOV (share of voice) on this particular campaign.

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