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Interactive Video Workshop- Increasing reach through Pre- Recorded Webinars

Background: As part of the Osteroeatritis awareness campaign to one of our pharma clients, we also being using G-Med's webinar solutions. Webinars are a great tool for a synchronized discussion but traditionally the live webinar is being watched by fewer people than the recorded version of it.

The Challange: Allow physicians from all over the world to watch the lecture at their most convenient time while still being able to have two-way communication with the lecturer.


Target specialties: Orthopedics, Family Practice rheumatologists.

Project Description: G-Med's Pre- Recording technology was used in this campaign allowing the lecturer to record his lecture.

The targeted audience was given the option to upload questions before the lecture was recorded into a special group that was opened in G-Med for that activity. The lecturer addressed the question in the later recorded webinar. Furthermore, the lecture was followed by an open forum, allowing to widen and deepen the discussion with the lecturer, and between participating physicians online.


The Pre-recorded lecture was watched more than 14,000 times, followed by participation of 8,500 physicians in an interactive ongoing peer to peer discussion with the lecturer.