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Banner Ad Campaign to Targeted Global Oncologists

Objective: To reach physicians in multiple locations with one clearly defined clinical message by using one single digital platform. This is the reason that one of the leading global media buying agencies chose the G-Med platform to deliver such a challenging advertising campaign. G-Med was tasked to deliver a banner campaign targeting oncologists from six countries spanning three continents. The campaign promoted awareness for a novel pancreatic cancer immunotherapy drug and to increase the client’s site traffic.


Target specialties: Oncologists in selected countries in the EU, Brazil and Taiwan.


Project Description: The banner campaign was launched to the clients targeted oncology audience, segmented by physician geolocation and specialty (oncology)  utilizing the spectrum of ad mixture placements on the G-Med platform, including "textual ads" and "in-feed" ads. The in-feed ad option provides the ability that the physician will be most exposed to the ad, as the banners is directly within the flow of the physicians unique feeds. This assists with visibility, which in turn leads to a higher CTR, which inevitability leads to a higher ROI. The banner also included a CTA button to assist physician engagement with the ad plus to drive traffic to the client's new website. This campaign utilized 3rd party tags.


This banner campaign drove high quality traffic to the client's website, in addition to increasing awareness and product traction.

The "In feed" banner campaign resulted in a 0.24% CTR, with an overall campaign CTR of 0.14%, an over 250% CTR rate above industry standard. 

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