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Post-Banner Campaign to Targeted Global Oncologists

Background: Reaching physicians in multiple locations around the world with one clinical message by using one digital platform is a very challenging task. This is the reason that one of the leading life science companies ( through its advertising agency) chose G-Med to deliver such a challenging advertising campaign.

G-Med was asked to deliver a Post- Banner campaign targeting oncologists from 6 different countries from 3 different continents!

The campaign promoted awareness for pancreatic cancer Immunotherapy drugs and increased the client’s site traffic.


Target specialties: Oncologists in selected countries in the EU, Brazil and Taiwan


Project Description: In-Feed Post-Banner campaign was launched to a targeted audience.

Oncologists were segmented and targeted to see In-Feed Post-Banners received from the client. The Post-Banner campaign included: Geotargeting & Specialty targeting to read In-Feed post-banners for maximum exposure, Manual banners- no broken or frauded adds (Higher ROI- Viewed by humans only -no bots clicks), In-feed Scientific banner teasers


The post- banner campaign drove high-quality traffic to the client's website and in addition increased awareness and product traction.

In-Feed Post-Banner Campaign resulted in  0.29% CTR.