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"In-Feed" Hosted Content Post - NSAID's

Background: NSAID's are usually prescribed to patients for a period of 7 to 10 days. In light of a new study that shows high safety coefficients in long-term NSAIDs administration, G-Med was asked by one of its clients to raise awareness about the findings, as well as to gain insight into the physicians' decision-making process. 

Target specialties: Pain Management Specialists, Rheumatologists, Orthopedics, and PCP's in the United States and Canada. 

Project description: Physicians actively participated in two sponsored posts on the issue, sharing their drug administration habits and protocols. The physicians also took part in a poll question which asked for how long they prescribed the drug as well as the noted side effects. The physicians also took part in heated discussions in the commenting section that followed the sponsored post and poll. Interesting to note is that even though physicians were aware that the post was sponsored (as stated on the post), they nonetheless engaged with the presented content. We believe that this because G-Med is a peer-to-peer platform and physicians feel obliged to not just connect with other physicians but to engage with all of the platforms content as well.


A very high engagement rate (0.45% CTR). The average time spent on the sponsored post was 2 minutes and 33 seconds. Additionally, the clients goal for engaging physician commenting/discussion was overachieved. 

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