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Market Research -NIPT

BackgroundAs part of a pharmaceutical company market research, a global survey company approached G-Med to help to reach physicians in dedicated countries.

The Market research was focusing on physicians’ opinions on the NIPT test, its timing and value.

The research was performed using an online system.

The Challange: The main challenge was to get response and collaboration from OBG/YNs specializing in Pregnancy and fertility. In addition, G-Med was asked to target geneticists and GPs.


Target specialties: OBG/YN, Genetics, General Medicine.

Project Description: During 30 days G-Med approached the targeted physicians in private messages, emails and in G-Meds’ relevant channels. The offering included time spent and compensation. G-Med directed suitable physicians to the online system. 


G-Med approached the targeted physicians and succeeded to deliver the number of requested surveys in 25 days.

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