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Microsite- Global digital channel for Multiple Myeloma challenges

Background: Treating multiple myeloma poses great challenges for Hematologists and Hemato-oncologists. In order to raise awareness of the management and treatment challenges of Multiple Myeloma G-Med was tasked to create a peer to peer global discussion arena in which physicians can meet other experts that treat myeloma. By engaging in a dialogue in one arena, physicians could share their difficulties, debate different approaches to treatment, and educate themselves about the recent developments in the field. 

Target specialties: Hematologists and Hemato-oncologists

Project Description: Before launching the activity G-Med's research team conducted a pre-launch research campaign to identify and invite all relevant global KOLs in that field. That research campaign involved also and fieldwork together with our pharma company client. The ongoing activity in the microsite included peer-to-peer discussion on complicated patient cases with the group's experts, In-depth personal case consultation using G-Med's proprietary live virtual clinical rooms, on-demand video lectures, surveys, daily medical updates from leading journals and regular updates and newsletters informing of new activity in the group. 


A post-activity feedback survey showed that 82% of the physicians said that the information and discussions in the group were very helpful to their knowledge. About 15,000 physicians from 23 countries participated in the campaign. 

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