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Microsite for Pain Management - Debating Long term use of NSAID's

Background: Pain management is a shared concern for all physicians, and moreover, all people as well. The commonly used drugs nowadays to manage pain are Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) for 7-10 days. However, recent studies show that a longer period of treatment may have greater benefits and long-term effect on alleviating pain. One of our pharma clients approached us asking to open a Pain Management Experts' group and allow physicians a multidisciplinary debate about the aspects of the long-term use of NSAID.

Target specialties: Orthopedics, Palliative and Pain Management Physicians, Rheumatologists, General Practitioners. 

Project Description: The participating physicians in a global microsite had the opportunity to open a dialogue with other experts while sharing knowledge and reviewing new information in the area of Pain Management. The physicians presented patient cases, shared lab test results, imaging and consulted other physicians regarding proper treatment. Other discussions included debating recent findings of the benefits of long-term treatment of NSAIDs, and voting on a survey asking physicians about the length of period they prescribe NSAIDs to patients. The activity in the group was accompanied by regular updates, on platform push notifications and off-platform update newsletters, informing the physicians of the new activity in the group. 


The campaign's KPIs were exceeded, with 84% reach to target physicians in all global markets,112 posts, and comments that generated an exceptional share of voice.

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