Microsite- Multi-Disciplinary Channel to Deal with the Challenges of Treating Lupus 

Background: Lupus is an autoimmune disease, in which symptoms can vary significantly between patients, including joint pain, rash, tiredness, and even inflammation of internal organs. This presents a great difficulty in diagnosis, and patients find themselves struggling for years to get a proper diagnosis. Moreover, as Lupus affects different systems, the treatment of its symptoms is complex. G-Med created an online collaboration campaign for one of our pharma clients- a digital Lupus channel was opened, allowing global physicians from multiple disciplines to collaborate in order to improve the diagnosis and care of Lupus.

Target specialties: Rheumatologists, Immunologists, and General Practitioners.

Project Description: By inviting physicians from different specialties to the microsite, we have created an arena for multi-disciplinary discussions where different aspects of Lupus were reviewed. The activity in the group included peer-to-peer consultation about the treatment of patient cases, surveys for all physicians about diagnosis and care, video updates from ACR Lupus convention, new papers in the field, and discussions about current findings. The physicians received regular updates about the activity in the group and newsletters with recent news about lupus.  


All engagement KPIs ( total impressions, unique views, survey votes, posts & comment) were exceeded by an average of  180%. KOLs engagement created a high-impact differentiation for the field force.