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Explaining the variety of causes for Erectile Dysfunction - Microsite

Background: Erectile Dysfunction has many aspects and causes. Some of them have to do with low testosterone levels and cardiovascular diseases. G-Med was tasked by one of its pharma clients to create a global arena for discussion between physicians and KOLs, and raise awareness to the fact that treatment of sexual dysfunction should also take into account the cardiovascular disease background of the patients and to measure testosterone levels.


Target specialties: Urologists, Family Physicians, Cardiologists, Psychiatrists, Sexologists, Diabetes Physicians and Endocrinologists


Project Description: Physicians took an active part in this microsite, allowing global peer-to-peer discussions led by KOLs, sharing knowledge and reviewing new and relevant information in the area of Sex and Medicine. The discussions included, for example, new papers and findings in the field, patient cases which physicians presented to the group and asked for advice, surveys in which physicians ask the other experts' opinion regarding proper rehabilitation protocol, and discussions regarding the long-term effects of drugs to treat sexual dysfunction. The members received regular updates and newsletters informing of the new activity in the group.


More than 40,000 physicians from 28 countries were engaged and participated in the campaign. Generating hundreds of comments, new insights, and survey votes. Awareness levels were measured before and after the campaign and resulted in a 220% increase.

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