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Direct To Physician Email Campaign - Lung Cancer

Background: Immunotherapy drugs are innovative treatments that helps the immune system work harder or make it easier for it to find and get rid of cancer cells. G-Med was tasked by one of its media buying agencies to deliver a geotargeted and specialty targeted digital campaign to EU Oncologists, in order to increase awareness and site traffic to a drug that is indicated for patients with locally advanced or metastatic NSCLC following chemotherapy.

Target specialties: EU Lung Cancer Oncologists  

Project Description: A direct-to-physician email campaign was launched to a targeted audience of EU Oncologists. G-Med Lung Cancer Oncologists were segmented by location and specialty to receive targeted emails. This campaign used the client's exact original content and graphics via an HTML file. The clients content were sent to the G-Med's delivery team and sent via the G-Med delivery team directly to the physician. This was done so the receiving physician will receive the email directly from G-Med, a physician-trusted source. The direct-to-physician email included a hyperlink, linking the email to the clients website, as well as a specific text, diagrams and a CTA button for maximum campaign impact


Overall metrics and impact were well above industry average standard, thanks to the highly engaged community and to the targeted audience, which led to high-quality traffic to the client's website.

Direct emailer open rate: 28% 

CTOR rate (click through open rate):18.4%

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