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Conference Coverage- UEG 2019 Conference

Background: Pharma companies are continuously looking for new efficient channels to showcase globally their up-to-date congress content. In an era when attendance at physical conferences is declining, more and more physicians prefer to learn online. At G-Med physicians can benefit from Online Global Networking that can provide similar benefits to the networking in the physical conferencing.

The Challenge: Allow physicians from all over the world to attend the conference virtually and get real-time, high-quality updates as well as on-demand content while keeping quick compliant content approval, saving the clients MLR (medical, legal, and regulatory) process.  

Target specialties: Gastroentrology, Internal Medicene

Project DescriptionG-Med's and partners had “Boots On The Ground” – reporters, interviews and video teams were present throughout all conference time. Multiple clinical items were created: Daily reporting, KOLs video interviews, articles, Video expert panels, posters reviews and more.
Since this is an Education Arm Length Program, G-Med & partners create all content within its own editorial responsibility, so no work is needed on the client's side, no need for client's content approval (MLR),  that resulted in a very quick distribution of the created content.
Congress Highlights enjoy great organic traffic, offering more visibility to our client's topics. The client bought a promotion package that included personal emailers and exclusive On-Site Ads since only our congress partners can place an Ad next to one of our Congress Highlights.



Physicians from 23 countries spend a total of over 45,000 minutes in the UEG 2019 conference space on G-Med. The client content exposure on G-Med was increased X1.8 during the coverage period and engagement increased X1.45