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Microsite for CAR-T Therapy 

Background: CAR-T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) cell therapy is a way to get T cells to fight cancer, by changing them in the lab so they can find and destroy cancer cells. The G-Med platform was contracted to help expand the knowledge of this novel therapy from mainly North America & Western Europe to the rest of the world.

Target specialties: All global physicians seeking to acquire knowledge about CAR-T.

Project Description: G-Med hired a steering committee and and created a robust program: Typical industry-standard symposiums runs from a few hours to a couple of days. G-Med created a symposium that ran for an entire year. Each month was dedicated to a different topic within CAR-T, with 2 or 3 monthly keynote KOL lectures. Following the KOL lecture, G-Med created interactive sessions including polls, discussion topics, case studies, implementation sessions, peer-to-peer discussions, Q&A's etc. for maximum physician participation and engagement with each other and with the presented material. 


Coming Soon!

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