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Case Study - ASCO Mini Community

Background: The American Society of Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting was virtually held due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Networking and in-depth discussions are very important during physical conferences and rather challenging to achieve in a virtual format. To combat these challenges, G-Med created an Interactive Mini-Community. The Mini-Community on is an interactive resource center that allows physicians to connect in real-time and discuss conference-related topics while benefiting from high-quality conference coverage.


Target specialties: Global Oncology & Hematology physicians.


Project Description: G-Med used its global reach for oncologists and hematologists to create a mini-community for the ASCO conference. This interactive resource center allowed physicians to virtually connect, share, learn and participate in peer-to-peer discussions and benefit from the high-quality conference coverage including daily updates, videos, case reports, conference highlights, articles, quizzes and more. Additionally, physicians read and commented on abstracts and updates, discussed various therapy advancements, posted relevant patient cases, watched videos and so on. This mini-community received high-traffic around the ASCO conference and was leveraged for various advertising tactics, branded visibility and traffic-drivers.



Over 40,000 physicians from over 120  countries participated. Average time spent on the mini community was 5:42 minutes. There were over 125,000 article/video/update physician views with a total of 1,540 posts, comments and votes (deep engagement) and a total of 320,000 ad impressions on the mini community.  

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