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Building Online Communities for Hospitals & Clinics

Life Science Companies

Private Branded Arena in G-Med 

Online Community for Internal and Global Collaboration 



Internal Social Network for Hospitals & Clinics

Allowing healthcare businesses to improve intra- organizational collaboration while expending their reach to the global community


In fall of 2018 G-Med is launching a new, free of charge, product for hospitals & clinics that will allow a private branded space within G-Med's global network.


Internal Social Network-  This online branded arena will allow an exclusive internal collaboration virtual space (for hospital's members only- cannot be seen by other hospitals). That friendly platform can be used for medical & administrative messaging and internal collaboration with posts, comments, alerts, events and more.


Global Collaboration - In addition, The branded arena will allow the hospital's medical staff to easily participate in the global activities within G-Med, benefiting from the global platform for clinical consultation, collaboration and education.


Benefits for the Hospital and its Physicians

  • Minimize malpractice by global/local medical crowdsourcing: allow your physicians to consult online, (anonymously is optional) with the local or global physicians community to reduce mistakes and wrong decisions.

  • Research – connect & collaborate globally to other sites, increase patients recruitment.

  • HR – get a direct access to the best physicians around the world and offer them to join your center.

  • Connect your physicians – allow them to connect freely to their peers, to publish their articles, consult about their cases, promote their research, ask for peer review and to be invited to relevant events.

  • PR – Showcase the hospitals achievements to the global medical community about by sharing challenging cases in your center, your leading physicians and your research breakthroughs.

  • Education – benefit from G-Med's online learning center allowing managing courses for CME or for general education.

  • Online virtual conferences - as a member in G-Med your center will benefit from a reduced registration fee to G-Med's online medical conferences, global and local in all fields.

  • Daily medical updates feed – Physicians will receive daily medical updates according to their specialty.

  • Events – invite, publish and register. You can manage private, national or global events.

  • Survey system – use G-Med survey system to learn about trends and changes in your center, country or globally.

Online Medical Communities for the Life Science Industry

One online global arena for all disease experts sponsored by Industry Increasing reach to global experts via online dedicated community for global interaction

Creating an online community around a Disease/ Disorder/Condition/Syndrome, Treatment and more


Enhance traction to your product using KOLs (sponsored symposia module)


Allow verified physicians to participate in an going trusted arena for peer-to-peer collaboration


Benefit from G-Med's reach of more than 850,000 physicians from over 120 countries and 100 specialties

Allow field force to invite more physicians to join


More Solutions for Hospitals & Clinics

 Telecare System

Remote consultation over live secured video


Providing medical assistance in the organization and in the

community in a simple and a fast way.


HIPAA Compliant 

White Label

Share files, presentations, lab tests results, and show images

Providing web solution for live communication between hospital staff and hospital patients to improve outcomes, allow patients home care and internal consultations between medical staff.

Secure live video chat  anytime, anywhere B2B and B2C

Full multi-language system under the company name, domain and logo  

 Full technical support

Customized to client and enterprise plans

Fast setup and deployment 

Multi-language solutions